Swim Lessons

Lessons have started back up, call to get on our waitlist and to get scheduled for a free mandatory evaluation if you are interested in having your child take lessons. *Even if you are not ready to send your child GET ON THE LIST.

CSF offers a learn-to-swim curriculum for multiple experience levels, for children and adults.  We offer one-on-one private lessons and semi-private lessons for families (up to three children from the same family).  We also offer a semi-private option where two individuals with similar ability can take the lessons together.

Private lessons are ideal for the child who requires more one-on-one attention or possibly an adult who is learning to swim or someone who is looking to perfect their stroke.  By having a private lesson, your child will progress in their swimming ability much faster than taking a group lesson.

Many times, a child just needs to “play” with you in the water and learn to have some fun before a parent puts them into the water with a stranger. The child just needs to gain some confidence. Even if you are not a member, you can purchase a day pass for you and your child to come in and “play” in the water. Adults $8/Children $5. Many times, this playtime makes all the difference in the world for your child to succeed at swimming lessons.

Group lessons (6 sessions/45 minutes each) 
Private Lessons (4 sessions/30 minutes each)
Mommy and Me (4 sessions/30 minutes each)

Group Lessons - Member


Group Lessons - Non-Member


Private Lessons - Member


Private Lessons - Non-Member


Mommy & Me - Member


Mommy & Me - Non-Member



Tanning beds are located in the guest locker rooms for your convenience. You may purchase tanning sessions at the front desk. Save 10% when you buy a package of 10 sessions.

Member Price

$4.40 / session

Guest & Passes Price

$6.60 / session

Member 10 Pack

$38.50 total

Non-Member 10 Pack

$60.50 total
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Personal Training

Personal training is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. It is for people of all ages and fitness levels. We offer 60 minute sessions to accommodate various schedules and fitness levels.

Ask us about our personalized youth start up program called PT 101. Must be 12 years of age to participate.

Member 1 Session


Non-Member 1 Session


Member 4 Sessions


Non-Member 4 Sessions


Member 8 Sessions


Non-Member 8 Sessions


Member 12 Sessions


Non-Member 12 Sessions